Friday, April 20, 2012

Kitty Eye contacts (review)

   Ok I was contacted by the owner Mehgan This company has a variety of lens they offer Wigs, Makeup,Hello kitty glasses and pretty soon lashes to go along with your gorgeous contacts.The prices are VERY VERY affordable they sell a variety of the Big gorgeous doll like circle lens.The Hello kitty contacts and glasses are so ADORABLE!!! So for all you hello kitty lovers those items are a must have in your collection.The lenses That I got were the Mibuki Aya contacts and I choose the green and yellow pair just to try something different I git lots of complements on these contacts.Since I've gotten my glasses in I have gotten nothing but questions about where I got em' from : ).....Here is the link to the site

 Pls go and check the site out there are ALWAYS specials and new items added so make sure you check in to keep up with the New things over at Kittyeyecontacts .com

Very affordable
A big variety
The circle lens are very comfortable
Great specials 
Fast Shipping,Free Standard Shipping Worldwide

                                                         Couldn't really find any No lie I was very pleased with this company and I can honestly say I will be going back very soon to purchase more items

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Parnevu Hair products (Review)

Hi Loveys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wanted to swop in and drop this smooth review on you guys Yes!! this is a hair product review
*DISCLAMER* Yes I was given these products for free that does not change my views on these products
Ok and now that we got that out of the way I was extra hype when I was contacted by Parnevu to do this review because even when I was a permie (Rocking the creamy crack) the Hair Mayo was in my catalog , I used it when I was rocking my twa.After a while my hair length and texture changed and I had to move on to something else but I'm happy to say that things worked out and my hair had a great love affair with these products.I was sent the Tea tree Leave- in,The Thereputic tea tree hair shampoo and last but not least the Organic hair mayo.These products came in handy because it had been a good month and some change and the yarn braids needed to come out!!! I missed my curls.

  *Thereputic T-tree hair Shampoo-This product gave me a great squeaky clean feeling, This shampoo gave me a stripped feeling not to dry and brittle but I wasn't a fan of the way my hair felt.After washing the shampoo out I followed up with a cheap V-05 condish to restore a little bit of moisture it felt so much better after the Co-wash.I focused the shampoo on my scalp the tea tree in this shampoo gave me that oh so loved TINGLE!!!! (On my scalp that is) HA! I used the hair Mayo right after the shampoo
*I have to shampoo my hair in sections in order to keep the tangles down
This product retails at $5.00

        *Organic Hair Mayo-  Ok first of all this product does claims to be organic but that isn't the case this deep condish does include cones and other  ingredients so if you are on of those strickly "NATURAL" Naturals then you might one to pass this up. BUT!! you might be sleeping on a great product my hair felt so silky and soft after a good ten min deep condish session I used my Conair heating cap.The tangles melted away with this thick condish my hair was having a serious love affair this is something that I would most def buy with my owns coins.This product retails at $6.00

  *Tea Tree Leave-in- This leave in smelled great the shampoo and leave has a great minty sent not over bearing but very pleasant. It wasn't to thin or to thick it had a great balance I am very very heavy handed with leave in products because I love to have moisture.This leave-in paired up with my Shea butter gave me a good braidout not alot of frizz and great moisture . I would also buy this leave in with my own coins because I like it so much This product retails at $5.00 but price may vary at your local BSS

I used this product on both of my ladybugs and they both had different results and I will go into detail soon............................................................KISSES!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Henna Newbie

   Ok I said that I would get more into blogging about my hair and making vids so here we GO!!! Aight after watching endless vids on the TUBE and reading very informative blogs and Naturalsunshine post I decided to bit the bullet and try Henna. I am so glad I did I purchased my Nupur Henna from my Local Indian food Mart for $2.00 I got two bags just in case ....I only used on bag I made my mixture thick because I didn't want to have it runny and gross feeling. Once again after doing my research I learned what great product needed to go in my mixture I will list everything down below.I can say I truly enjoyed Henna I will be adding this into my regimen I am trying to get my hair in a healthier state so that I can retain more length and reach my hair goal which is MBL (Mid back Length) Or BSL (Bra strap Length) by July (My birthday month).I am finding that my hair truly enjoys henna and other Ayurvedic products.After leaving this henna on my hair for 4 hrs I did a deep condish for 2 hrs with Coconut oil when that was done I detangled added my deep treatment masque as a styler and sealed with coconut oil.I stretched my hair overnight for a updo protective style that I wore for two weeks.
*Products Used-
 Godrej Nupur The best quality of Rajasthani Mehendi with nine carefully chosen natural herbs valued for their hair care benefits. The ingredients are added in perfect proportions to give your hair the fabulous shiny & silky feel that you desire every single day.

In addition to 100% pure Rajasthani Henna, 9 Herbs are blended in:

Shikakai - Leaves hair clean & shining
Aloe Vera - Moisturises hair & makes it silky
Methi (Fenugreek) - Conditions, nourishes and revitalizes hair
Bhringraj - Makes hair luxuriant
Amla - Darkens hair colour, adds shine & luster
Neem - Fights scalp infection and prevents dandruff
Hibiscus - Rejuvenates hair, making it silky and shiny
Jatamansi - Prevents graying of hair
Brahmi - Promotes hair growth

This mix of herbs plus henna is an excellent combination for anyone looking for both conditioning and added strength!!
 *Honey- Honey is a humectant, which means that it holds on to water molecules.It also smooths the cuticle so the hair feels soft and looks shiny
*Coconut oil-Coconut oil is one of the best natural nutrition for hair. It helps in healthy growth of hair providing them a shiny complexion. Regularmassage of the head with coconut oil ensures that your scalp is free of dandruff, lice, and lice eggs, even if your scalp is dry. Coconut oil is extensively used in the Indian sub-continent for hair care. Most of the people in these countries apply coconut oil on their hair daily after bath. It is an excellent conditioner and helps in the re-growth of damaged hair. It also provides the essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair.
*Coconut Milk-Coconut milk has properties that make it very effective in repairing damaged hair and healing skin. For this reason, coconut milk is used in commercial products to hydrate, and moisturize.
*Vitamin E oil- For hair growth is beneficial because vitamin E has the effect of a scalp massage all the time. It contains valuable antioxidants that help to keep the immune system up and improves circulation to all parts of the body, including the scalp.
*Cheap conditiners -just to add slip and extra moisture Nupur Henna can be very drying to hair
*Green Tea-Also contains vitamin C, vitamin E and panthenol, which are all common ingredients in hair conditioner. Vitamin E restores dry or damaged hair, while vitamin C guards against damage from UV radiation. Panthenol, a provitamin, strengthens and softens hair and prevents split ends.
Cinnamon and Hibuscus tea- I added it because that tea brings out a reddish hue when added into Henna Hibuscus was used to dye hair long ago an dit is still used for that reason very easy on hair.

Hair wrapped for 4 hrs

Protective style after Henna

2 weeks after first treatment

~Pros: Very good deep condish for Natural hair
Very Inexpensive
Can give hair a reddish tint if used several times
Smoother,thicker,stronger hair
No Chemicals

    ~CONS: Can Be messy 
The smell (Kinda smelled like herbs and wet grass)
Dryness of the hair afterwards PLS (deep condish)
Might loosen curl Pattern
May not work on everyone all heads are not equal..

The more I learn the more I'll post so far so good really excited...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Killa Monroe Cosmetics

Ok Loveys,
Just in case you guys don't know I'm a promoter for "Killa Monroe Cosmetics"
I wanted to show you guys the new Valentines day Collection and swatches..These are some beautiful colors these are the 5 new colors along with two new blushes as well the Killa Monroe "Eye Gasm".
The colors are:
*Baby Love-A light fluffy baby pink with a slight hint of shimmer
*Dollface-A Dark Fushia pinkish blend
*Kitten-A seductive red pigment with light pink reflects
*Valentino-A Dark Concord grape colored pigment
*McLovin'-This is a beautiful fiery blend of purple and pink that make a sick blend (Boom chicka wah) ; P
*Tuscan Blush- A shimmeryWarm coral blended blush (very Mocha girl friendly)
*Raisin Blush-A brownish shimmery blush (great as a blush,bronzer,or crease color)
Swatches done wet with the "KM Eye-Gasm"

The Killa monroe "Eye Gasm" is shown above as well the "Eye Gasm" can also be used as a mixing medium,setting spray,and it's great for creating glitter liners.I have used the "Eye Gasm" as a sealer for lipglosses to keep my pout from bleading out.The "Killa Monroe" Vixens have used the "Eye Gasm in several different ways there are so many things you can do with the "Eye Gasm".When you purchase the "Eye Gasm" you get a empty clam shell for mixing different colors etc.

Quick update..

Hi guys I know I'm super late but Happy New Year!!
I've been so busy living life I haven't really had time to blog I'm gonna try to slide back into the swing of things but as always if you need to contact me you can always reach me on my yt page; ( or on my twitter Page Kolorfulkisses2 I'm on there especially when my shows come on. : ) I hope all is well with you guys I missed you and to the new family Hiiiiii(Waves).
I'm going to also try to keep up with my natural hair better and truly document my growth and my journey I will be 3 yrs natural in Oct 2012..Curly B-day I will also try to stay on top of blogging my "Ladybugs" hair Journey as well Sooooooooo YEAH!! Quick update...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yarn Braids

My natural hair needed a break and I wanted to try something new so after doing research on some of my fav blogs and of course YT. I decided to give Yarn Braids (Genie locs)  a try . I deep conditioned with my Argan oil moisture condish and also did my Alphogee protein treatment on my hair to prep my hair I also refreshed my hair color with Manic Panics Pill a box (Red) and Rock n Rolla (RED). *****DO NOT USE WOOL YARN it will loc your hair**

My Hair before the yarn braids

 I got the brown for me and the black for one of my daughters she said she wanted her hair done too I will be making bigger parts for her hair.. The red I got was TOO bright so I ended up using the darker red color. I used the method Black Onyx used on YT with the chair to measure the yarn. These braids took forever to do two whole days of braiding LAWD!!!!!!!!I made my own homemade spray to keep my hair moist,I used so water,my oil mix, peppermint oil hello hydration condish I spray my hair down 3 times a day and I oil my scalp when needed.. My hubby loves them they give me a chance to feel like I'm rocking locs with out the hassle.I plan to keep it for a full month two if I can hold out I know I will miss my hair!! but if I take it down it will be to condition a put it right back up in the yarn braids.Excited about the growth that I will see soon!! When it does come doen to the takedown process I plan to load my hair with suave condish and take them down hopefully preventing breakage : )
Red Heart yarn (I used one brown one and barely half of the red)
Shea butter or oil to seal
Shea moisture deep treatment masque
Care free curl moisturizer

My spritz:
Oil mix
Peppermint oil
Hello hydration
Care free curl moisturizer,  WATER!!!!!!


Go (Review)

This is my review on a Jewelry This company offers a variety of product vintage pieces,wigs,hair bands,earrings etc. I placed my order for my review and got my items in a week and 3 days Fast shipping... All of the items were bubble wrapped indiv. All of my items were in tact upon arrival I like the items that I got.

Budget friendly (affordable)
A very BIG variety to choose from wigs,earrings,headbands etc
Fast shipping
Products were wrapped indiv. wrapped

Headband had a smell to it
Poor customer service
(2 out of 5 stars)

*Vintage Bohemian Bracelet
*Pink flower stud earrings
**Multi color feather earrings
**Vintage Leopard cocktail ring
**Charming Black bead choker
** Fashion Pearl bib necklace
** Elegant bead string cloth headband

FTC: Rings and necklace given to me for review/giveaway purposes by GoFavor(dot)com. I am not being paid, nor influenced in anyway by GoFavor, or any other companies.