Saturday, January 28, 2012

Killa Monroe Cosmetics

Ok Loveys,
Just in case you guys don't know I'm a promoter for "Killa Monroe Cosmetics"
I wanted to show you guys the new Valentines day Collection and swatches..These are some beautiful colors these are the 5 new colors along with two new blushes as well the Killa Monroe "Eye Gasm".
The colors are:
*Baby Love-A light fluffy baby pink with a slight hint of shimmer
*Dollface-A Dark Fushia pinkish blend
*Kitten-A seductive red pigment with light pink reflects
*Valentino-A Dark Concord grape colored pigment
*McLovin'-This is a beautiful fiery blend of purple and pink that make a sick blend (Boom chicka wah) ; P
*Tuscan Blush- A shimmeryWarm coral blended blush (very Mocha girl friendly)
*Raisin Blush-A brownish shimmery blush (great as a blush,bronzer,or crease color)
Swatches done wet with the "KM Eye-Gasm"

The Killa monroe "Eye Gasm" is shown above as well the "Eye Gasm" can also be used as a mixing medium,setting spray,and it's great for creating glitter liners.I have used the "Eye Gasm" as a sealer for lipglosses to keep my pout from bleading out.The "Killa Monroe" Vixens have used the "Eye Gasm in several different ways there are so many things you can do with the "Eye Gasm".When you purchase the "Eye Gasm" you get a empty clam shell for mixing different colors etc.

Quick update..

Hi guys I know I'm super late but Happy New Year!!
I've been so busy living life I haven't really had time to blog I'm gonna try to slide back into the swing of things but as always if you need to contact me you can always reach me on my yt page; ( or on my twitter Page Kolorfulkisses2 I'm on there especially when my shows come on. : ) I hope all is well with you guys I missed you and to the new family Hiiiiii(Waves).
I'm going to also try to keep up with my natural hair better and truly document my growth and my journey I will be 3 yrs natural in Oct 2012..Curly B-day I will also try to stay on top of blogging my "Ladybugs" hair Journey as well Sooooooooo YEAH!! Quick update...