Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mixed Chicks (Review)

Here is my review of "Mixed Chicks" I contacted this company because I heard great things about it and they agreed to send me some products for review. I got these products the day before Mother's day and I was so freaking excited!!! I got the "Mixed Chicks" Leave-in,Shampoo,silk serum,and the deep condish.
I have extremely thick 4 textured hair that gets frizz very easy I'm sure the name fools alot of ppl but don't be fooled it's not just for mixed "ppl" All of these products were very thick and creamy in texture.Ok I used these products by themselves just to see the true results,I also I used theses products on both of my daughters (ladybugs) My oldest has 4 textured hair like mine and my youngest has 3 textured hair.
Pros and cons of all of the products
  *Leave in-
      (PROS) Very creamy,thick moisturizing ,great smell (smells like lotion : ) a little goes a very long way,can be mixed with other products without fear of getting small white balls in your hair
(Cons)Left my hair kinda dry the first time I used it.. After trying it a second time I found that I have to layer this product for it to be really really moisturzied.This is not a bad product I don't hate it I give this product (3 afro puffs outta 5)  
(Pros) Creamy,thick,once again a little goes a long way,lathers up GREAT!!, Didn't strip my hair and make it dry,My scalp felt squeaky clean all the buildup was gone,
    (Cons)Nothing negative about this product I really like it (I give this product 4 outta five fluffy afro puffs)
  *Hair Silk
(pros) it gives great shine,a little goes a long way(This worked great on my little ladybugs 3 textured hair great better than my hair..

Deep Condish in my hair
    (CONS) I didn't care for this product that much(I can stick with my coconut oil) too much of this is like using a heavy grease(it can cause a mess : [,It has cones in it if your a natural that wants all natural products don't try this..(I give this product a TWA fro 2 outta 5 for me) But for my youngest it's a 4 (Fluffy fro)out of 5 : )
     *Deep conditioner 
(PROS) LOVE THIS!!!! Gave great slip,helped to detangle fast and carefree, My hair felt super soft and manageable afterwards,Going to be a staple condish in my hair regime 
   (CONS) It has cones as most of these products do but it's not a deal breaker for me..I use what my hair loves and it does love THIS!!! (A big bussin fluffy fro 5!!!!) 

**Out of all of theses products I give them all a strong 4
everybodies hair is different some will like it some will not like I said these thing were great on my youngest Ladybugs hair I will post pics soon of her hair

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I don't miss the Creamy crack..

      1.Not wanting to scratch my head no matter how much it itches (because I know how bad it's going to burn once that perm gets on my scalp..Feeling like my head has been lit on fire.
      2.Not being active,working out,swimming,outside events etc,being in the rain, Because I know that my edges and the rest of my hair will be thru. (DON"T LISTEN TO THE HYPE.. SOME BLACK PPL DO
2 months natural TWA 
    3. Paying the duckets Perms are not cheap,weaves etc. I save so much money compared to before

Permed hair...

   4.Not wanting anybody to touch my hair(Now that I'm natural my husband can't keep his hands out of my hair!! He loves it) When I was a perm head he could NOT!!! touch it at all

*I've been natural for 2 yrs and it's the best thing I ever did I won't let my daughters perm their hair either Curly hair don't care : )

What are you thoughts?? Why are you happy to be done with the creamy crack??

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Madame Madeline (lash review)

I was contacted by a amazing company to do a review on the site and Lashes that they offer. I was super excited because I've purchased a lot of lashes for me kit so I was so EXCITED!!! to do this
This company is amazing I couldn't find ANY cons about this company only PROS:
*Fast shipping                        *Dramatic to every day simple lashes
*Site easy to navigate             *Variety of lashes strip and Indiviual
If you get a chance please check them out                                                                                                   
*Looks done with red cherry lashes 101 from Madamemadeline

Lashes red cherry 101

Inaz Cosmetics (Review)

Inaz cosmetics a new cosmetic company "New kids on the block" lol
This is a cute company that I heard about thru Facebook I was contacted by the owner of this company. At no time did the owner of the company ask for a review she just wanted me to try the products out I liked that about her she didn't ask me to do a review the products speak for themselves. If you would like to Just email your order to I can then totals you up and send a request through paypalorder from them you can contact them thru FB: If you are not ok with that just contact her thru her email and talk to her you she's very sweet and down to earth. The pigment samples come in a very easy mess free sample jar.Here are some of the colors she has added more so please check them out.
                      PROS:                                                  CONS:
*Mess free sample jars                                           *No web site 
Highly pigmented
*Great names 
*The glitters are very fine and do not irritate the eyes
*Great PricesI already did a review for this company you can find it on my youtube channel:                                


Magnolia Makeup


Magnolia make company I was contacted by one of the owners from the company to try their p127 Antoinette: matte Fushia pigment,002 Kente gorgeous shimmery orange golden pigment with lots of sparkle,125 Mystique a blazing deep royal blue pigment (great for a smokey eye),108 breath taking matte purple pigment so great it doesn't have a name,034 Aztec a smooth egyptian gold pigment yellow toned gold,005 Green Tea rejuvenating green pigment,009 Just Black - Rich, deep, and perfectly matte. Just black is the only black you will ever need.I was contacted by Magnolia make company  by one of the owners from the company to try their products. At no time was I asked to do a review once again the products speak for themselves.She just offered this amazing color wheel and a great lipgloss "VEGAS" and I was in love.No strings attached ..

   * A little bit about the company*
I have been a freelance makeup artist for about 5 years now. For years, my sister and I struggled with finding products that flattered our skin tone. I can't tell how much we have spent on products that just didn't show up. We'd have to buy product and then tweak them. Our insatiable need for color sparked the crazy idea of starting our own cosmetics line called Magnolia Makeup. A crazy idea that became reality about a year ago. Our full line is offered via our website and a few locations in New Orleans." 
*Price (has changed since I recieved the color wheel)

*Black owned                                           *Site easy to navigate
*highly pigmented!!                                     *Great customer service
*Great packaging                                              *Easy to blend
*lipgloss very moisturizing                                *Always great sales going on

KKcentrichk (review)

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I was contacted by this company to do a review on there eyelashes...They have natural and dramatic lashes easy to applyPurchase lashes here:

This website sells all brands of lashes including Red Cherry, Ardell, and Elise. They also sell the famous 88, 120, 168, and other palettes. Wigs are sold on this site as well. Feel free to browse the website at your discretion :)
Cheap eyelashes wigs ETC!! 
*Shipping may take a while overseas
*Cheap lashes  and wigs
*They sell alot of product on the site you are bound to find something

PorkDaisy (Review)

I was contacted by this company to do a review on there discounted Nyx products. I got four items (Foundation Sand beige 04,Lipcreams Amsterdam and Addids Ababa, and the Nude on nude palette 20 eyeshadows and 10 lip colors:Products Mentioned:
NYX HD Foundation $13.50
NYX Nude on Nude S119 $22.59
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream $5.25
This is a amazing company I plan on getting a good bit of items because the things on the site are really affordable DISCOUNTED NYX!!! Yay who doesn't love that!
**LIPCREAMS** Not a lipgloss very creamy matte lipcream non drying long lasting 5 STARS!!*******HD 
               *Foundation** very rich creamy formula not cakey a little goes a long way it has a pump for easy application NO MESS!! full coverage long lasting light weight.(I'm not a big foundation person but I have been wearing this since I got it)

*Nude On nude palette* Great deal!perfect for diva quickies!! makeup looks on the go! Lipcolors and shadows ready just pop in your bag and travel all purpose smokey sexy eye,daytime eyeglam,everyday wear these are looks that you can get with this one palette really worth the money.

Matte lip cream worn in this pic( Amesterdam)

Kiwiberry (Contact lens review)

EOS J203 Adult violetColor: Violet
Dia: 14mm
BC: 8.6
Water: 38%
Pros:Vibrant colors, Has a very solid black ring for that pretty dolly effect,Pretty site easy to navigate,Great customer service (I am big on things like that),Wide variety to choose from,affordable prices

*Cons: If you wear these longer than 2 hours make sure you lubricate often

*** I can honesty say that I really like them they bring so much beautiful vibrant color to any thing that I'm wearing I will most def. buy from them again I really enjoyed theses contacts..<3 my circle lenses

Pink WM-211 Max cotton pink                                     Color: Pink
Diameter: 14.8mm
BC: 8.6-8.8
Water: 38%                                                         USE CODE:b3beddoll@kiwiberry collection and get 15% off