Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yarn Braids

My natural hair needed a break and I wanted to try something new so after doing research on some of my fav blogs and of course YT. I decided to give Yarn Braids (Genie locs)  a try . I deep conditioned with my Argan oil moisture condish and also did my Alphogee protein treatment on my hair to prep my hair I also refreshed my hair color with Manic Panics Pill a box (Red) and Rock n Rolla (RED). *****DO NOT USE WOOL YARN it will loc your hair**

My Hair before the yarn braids

 I got the brown for me and the black for one of my daughters she said she wanted her hair done too I will be making bigger parts for her hair.. The red I got was TOO bright so I ended up using the darker red color. I used the method Black Onyx used on YT with the chair to measure the yarn. These braids took forever to do two whole days of braiding LAWD!!!!!!!!I made my own homemade spray to keep my hair moist,I used so water,my oil mix, peppermint oil hello hydration condish I spray my hair down 3 times a day and I oil my scalp when needed.. My hubby loves them they give me a chance to feel like I'm rocking locs with out the hassle.I plan to keep it for a full month two if I can hold out I know I will miss my hair!! but if I take it down it will be to condition a put it right back up in the yarn braids.Excited about the growth that I will see soon!! When it does come doen to the takedown process I plan to load my hair with suave condish and take them down hopefully preventing breakage : )
Red Heart yarn (I used one brown one and barely half of the red)
Shea butter or oil to seal
Shea moisture deep treatment masque
Care free curl moisturizer

My spritz:
Oil mix
Peppermint oil
Hello hydration
Care free curl moisturizer,  WATER!!!!!!


Go (Review)

This is my review on a Jewelry This company offers a variety of product vintage pieces,wigs,hair bands,earrings etc. I placed my order for my review and got my items in a week and 3 days Fast shipping... All of the items were bubble wrapped indiv. All of my items were in tact upon arrival I like the items that I got.

Budget friendly (affordable)
A very BIG variety to choose from wigs,earrings,headbands etc
Fast shipping
Products were wrapped indiv. wrapped

Headband had a smell to it
Poor customer service
(2 out of 5 stars)

*Vintage Bohemian Bracelet
*Pink flower stud earrings
**Multi color feather earrings
**Vintage Leopard cocktail ring
**Charming Black bead choker
** Fashion Pearl bib necklace
** Elegant bead string cloth headband

FTC: Rings and necklace given to me for review/giveaway purposes by GoFavor(dot)com. I am not being paid, nor influenced in anyway by GoFavor, or any other companies.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Laydee Cosmetics (review)

Here is another makeup company that I want to put in ya ear and give a little buzz LAYDEE Cosmetics!!
 I have had these products for some time and I have to say I really reviewed theses shadows!! These pigments came in 5gram jars
Here are the swatches of the colors that I was sent
*Cleopatra- Bright canary yellow
*Christy-Silky cooper shiny penny color
*Mitzi-true blue sea foam color
*Rachel-A pretty ocean wave blue with gold reflects
*Charlotte-Deep dark midnight blue
*Mariah-Bright golden glitter sheen
*Sandy- Another silky golden color
I can say the lighter colors were great to work with and they had a great color pay off all of the colors that I got were ok there were some great ones and some not so great ones.
Charlotte was not a good color to apply the pay off was not good it left color blotches and when I went in to reapply more color or blend it just made a huge darkish blue colored mess.The lighter colors (Shimmers)Mariah,Christy and Sandy were great amazing for highlights,tear duct colors and all around good shadows.I've used the shimmers on my nails,highlights etc GREAT!

For any info on how to order or any questions:
Laydee cosmetics FB:
Laydee YT:

Jordana Cosmetics (review)

 Nowadays alot of MUA's and makeup fanatics alike are downsizing Jordana cosmetics are great in that department they have quality products for very affordable prices.I own a couple of there products and YES they are staples of mine.Yes you can get very high end makeup looks for less not only do they offer makeup but they also offer brightly pigmented nail polishes and nail are design pens as well.
*Pressed Powder-Amber  (08) this will be a great contour powder or all over powder $3.99
*Eye Primer-Very good cheap eye primer $1.99
works just as good as e.l.f primer
**Glitter rocks retractable eyeliner pencil-Smooth eyeliner pencil with silver
reflect glitter $1.99 (06) Glam rock green
*Incolor LIPSHINE naturalbrush on glaze pink grapefruit (01) $1.99
Click pen design with great shine and a natural beautiful gloss vitamin E and Aloe for extra added moisture
*PROS-                                                                  ** CONS- The face powder had me looking orange
VERY VERY affordable
A variety to choose from
Easy to find

Jordana cosmetics can be found at many drugstores with a variety of products well under $10 you can also buy these products @   Just in case you can't find them near you

Jordana's Website-

****Disclaimer- I was very fortunate to receive these products for FREE to review from Jordana Cosmetics. However, this does not affect my opinions on the products. I am not getting paid to make this video, nor am I affiliated with the company.

Scents By Sherry (Review)

 Hello guys I am back and ready to review another amazing product for you all. I have had the pleasure to review Electric oil burners and scents.These burners work great you can change the strength of the burner by turning the voltage up or down..You can get some that plug right into the sockets like glade plug in's or you can get some that have a cord and a switch to control the intensity of the scents.The burners retail at $12 buy one burner and get two scents for FREE!!! o_0

 Here are the scents that I had a chance to try they all smell great!!!!!! (Butt naked is my fav scent) lol
A couple of drops go a really really long way no need to use the whole bottle at all Sherry offers a number of scents theses are just a few the sizes come in
3oz. ,6oz. and 12oz.

I have seen burners like this retail at $25 and up I think she has a great deal going and if you have a fav scent let Sherry I'm sure she would be able to work something out : )
Also if you need a bulb  replacement she offers them at a great price as well

*PROS:                                                                                   *CONS:   Could not find any cons
Quick shipping
A variety of scents and sizes

Lots of different sizes,shapes and colors            
Very Affordable Prices
Great customer service
Thick sturdy burners
Can be burned for up to 12 hrs
32 different scents to choose from
Pet and kid safe

For your orders or any questions
Contact Sherry @ 972-816-8915

**This is my honest opinion I am not being paid for this review**

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Strobe cosmetics (review)

Hi guys I have another review for you guys this review is going to be on Strobe cosmetics not sure if you guys have heard of them before but I had the pleasure to use theses great pigments. These beautiful colors retail for *$10.00 for a 5gram jar,I enjoyed my theses pigments the names are adorable and the site is cute.
Here are a list of the Pigments that I got a chance to try:
*Horde-Matte True red color        *Kelly-Light baby pink
*Moon Beam-Sparkly silver         *Wise Guy-
*Pixie Stick-Light blue           *Viper-Black with a green hue
*Alliance-Shimmery Deep true blue color   *Key Lime-Light Pastel green
                                                       *Fluke-A deep Dark Purple color w/ light silver reflects
                                                      *Hyper speed-Black w/gold reflects
                                                        *Pegasus-Light baby powder blue
                                                       *Silver Sun-Metalic Gold

 You can get three free samples with every order they offer gift sets as well
**I will say that this product was said to have used Mica's from TKB and  the Mica's were repackaged.This bothered me because I don't belive in stealing I want you guys to know the truth about this matter Just in case. I contacted the company's owner and asked the question I will post her response down below.

Hi Tori,

None of the eyeshadows we sell or sent you are repackaged from anywhere, we created all of the eyeshadows we sent you in our lab. Tkb (like many other cosmetic companies) is one of our suppliers for ingredients to make our blended eyeshadow. We do have a few unblended pigments available, they are clearly marked on our website as unblended pigments. Repackaging is when someone buys a product and puts it in new packaging without changing it in anyway. We add a base to those unblended pigments to improve adhesion and slip of the product. We found these pigments to be popular so we continued to sell them. We only have 8 unblended pigments in our collection of 50+. We state in our FAQ that the "*" next to the product number means it is an unblended pigment. We do not add any new unblended pigments to our collection and we do not plan to.


Chloe Tea
Owner/ Creator

**Pros: A variety of colors                                                   **Cons-Price                              
*Site is easy to navigate
*Great names
*Great customer service

I hope you guys will go and check Strobe Cosmetics out they might just have something for you here is the link to the site

Here are some looks done with Strobe Cosmetics:

Kisses til next time Loveys!!!