Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lux Addiction (Review)

   Ok I recieved my Lux addiction case in the mail..YAY!!! It took 3 weeks for me to get my case simply because EVERY case is handmade to order.These cases are made with swarovski crystals The style that I have is #376 I have a android phone Huawei Ascen M860. I am truly in love with my phone I honestly did NOT!! Think that I would like this phone case at all my fear was that it would be huge and that the stones would come a lose real quick. I can say that is not the case both of my daughters got to my phone and none of the crystals or objects went any where. They have 200 or more cases to choose from not to mention they can make you a custom case fit just for you. Once you go and get a blinged out case I promise you will not want to go back to a plain jane kinda case.Every crystal and object is secure you also get extra crystals in your package as well.All of my plug in jacks and ports on my phone are easy to get to none of the decorations block any thing on my phone. Since I have had my phone I have turned so many heads and have gotten so many questions about my phone..

Pros:                                                                             Cons:
~Custom made phone cases                                       ~Waiting time (since it's custom made)         
~over 200+ cases to choose from
~all types of designs      
~Beautiful site easy to navigate
~Fast and friendly customer service         
This was wrapped in bubble wrap inside the box.

front and back of the case
 Please check out for you own beautiful phone : )
If you already have a case I would love to see it and hear you review on this company : )
My phone old and new..


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