Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mixed Chicks (Review)

Here is my review of "Mixed Chicks" I contacted this company because I heard great things about it and they agreed to send me some products for review. I got these products the day before Mother's day and I was so freaking excited!!! I got the "Mixed Chicks" Leave-in,Shampoo,silk serum,and the deep condish.
I have extremely thick 4 textured hair that gets frizz very easy I'm sure the name fools alot of ppl but don't be fooled it's not just for mixed "ppl" All of these products were very thick and creamy in texture.Ok I used these products by themselves just to see the true results,I also I used theses products on both of my daughters (ladybugs) My oldest has 4 textured hair like mine and my youngest has 3 textured hair.
Pros and cons of all of the products
  *Leave in-
      (PROS) Very creamy,thick moisturizing ,great smell (smells like lotion : ) a little goes a very long way,can be mixed with other products without fear of getting small white balls in your hair
(Cons)Left my hair kinda dry the first time I used it.. After trying it a second time I found that I have to layer this product for it to be really really moisturzied.This is not a bad product I don't hate it I give this product (3 afro puffs outta 5)  
(Pros) Creamy,thick,once again a little goes a long way,lathers up GREAT!!, Didn't strip my hair and make it dry,My scalp felt squeaky clean all the buildup was gone,
    (Cons)Nothing negative about this product I really like it (I give this product 4 outta five fluffy afro puffs)
  *Hair Silk
(pros) it gives great shine,a little goes a long way(This worked great on my little ladybugs 3 textured hair great better than my hair..

Deep Condish in my hair
    (CONS) I didn't care for this product that much(I can stick with my coconut oil) too much of this is like using a heavy grease(it can cause a mess : [,It has cones in it if your a natural that wants all natural products don't try this..(I give this product a TWA fro 2 outta 5 for me) But for my youngest it's a 4 (Fluffy fro)out of 5 : )
     *Deep conditioner 
(PROS) LOVE THIS!!!! Gave great slip,helped to detangle fast and carefree, My hair felt super soft and manageable afterwards,Going to be a staple condish in my hair regime 
   (CONS) It has cones as most of these products do but it's not a deal breaker for me..I use what my hair loves and it does love THIS!!! (A big bussin fluffy fro 5!!!!) 

**Out of all of theses products I give them all a strong 4
everybodies hair is different some will like it some will not like I said these thing were great on my youngest Ladybugs hair I will post pics soon of her hair

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