Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lit cosmetics (review)

 (Lit Cosmetics)
Product overview
Unlike similar products, Lit Cosmetics is made with all natural ingredients and prides itself in being water based, alcohol free (alcohol is a big, "no no" in cosmetics), paraben free, and Propylene Glycol free. 
       This product is great it's like a pigment glitter mix that goes on effortlessly it's like glitter and eyeshadow had a love child and LIT was born lol : P  the glitter base holds on to the glitter and makes it pop even more.These glitter go all the way to golden light netural colors to neon bright colors. There are no rules when it comes to makeup throwing glitter in the mix makes this product that much better. I like the little sparkle duster that comes with the kit Just in case you get a little fallout you can just sweep it away with the sparkle duster. There motto is " NO glitter NO GLORY!!!!"
 I use the glitter base with some other glitters that I had thinking that the base would work with other glitters.This base is formulated for these glitters it made my other glitters crumby and hard to apply after a while.
 I tried out the Multi-3 Stack Lit Kit: 3 glitters, 1 oz. Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, a “sparkle duster”, and two brushes—a thin liner and round brush. You can purchase everything individually of course, but with the multi-stacks, you’ll save $27 & up, depending on how many glitter shades you purchase.

Very fine glitter will not irritate eyes
alcohol free,no parabens 
assortment of colors                                                 ***CONS**
                                                          's better if you just buy the kits than single glitter,
                                                                      it's $12.95 for one glitter : ? (Not a deal breaker for me)


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Lit cosmetics website: (lit yt page)

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  1. I love your youtube videos, I just subscribed to your blog. I love your creativity and confidence. I hope I win the glitters, I've just started trying to work with them. Just keep doin what you do :)