Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Strobe cosmetics (review)

Hi guys I have another review for you guys this review is going to be on Strobe cosmetics not sure if you guys have heard of them before but I had the pleasure to use theses great pigments. These beautiful colors retail for *$10.00 for a 5gram jar,I enjoyed my theses pigments the names are adorable and the site is cute.
Here are a list of the Pigments that I got a chance to try:
*Horde-Matte True red color        *Kelly-Light baby pink
*Moon Beam-Sparkly silver         *Wise Guy-
*Pixie Stick-Light blue           *Viper-Black with a green hue
*Alliance-Shimmery Deep true blue color   *Key Lime-Light Pastel green
                                                       *Fluke-A deep Dark Purple color w/ light silver reflects
                                                      *Hyper speed-Black w/gold reflects
                                                        *Pegasus-Light baby powder blue
                                                       *Silver Sun-Metalic Gold

 You can get three free samples with every order they offer gift sets as well
**I will say that this product was said to have used Mica's from TKB and  the Mica's were repackaged.This bothered me because I don't belive in stealing I want you guys to know the truth about this matter Just in case. I contacted the company's owner and asked the question I will post her response down below.

Hi Tori,

None of the eyeshadows we sell or sent you are repackaged from anywhere, we created all of the eyeshadows we sent you in our lab. Tkb (like many other cosmetic companies) is one of our suppliers for ingredients to make our blended eyeshadow. We do have a few unblended pigments available, they are clearly marked on our website as unblended pigments. Repackaging is when someone buys a product and puts it in new packaging without changing it in anyway. We add a base to those unblended pigments to improve adhesion and slip of the product. We found these pigments to be popular so we continued to sell them. We only have 8 unblended pigments in our collection of 50+. We state in our FAQ that the "*" next to the product number means it is an unblended pigment. We do not add any new unblended pigments to our collection and we do not plan to.


Chloe Tea
Owner/ Creator

**Pros: A variety of colors                                                   **Cons-Price                              
*Site is easy to navigate
*Great names
*Great customer service

I hope you guys will go and check Strobe Cosmetics out they might just have something for you here is the link to the site

Here are some looks done with Strobe Cosmetics:

Kisses til next time Loveys!!!

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