Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I don't miss the Creamy crack..

      1.Not wanting to scratch my head no matter how much it itches (because I know how bad it's going to burn once that perm gets on my scalp..Feeling like my head has been lit on fire.
      2.Not being active,working out,swimming,outside events etc,being in the rain, Because I know that my edges and the rest of my hair will be thru. (DON"T LISTEN TO THE HYPE.. SOME BLACK PPL DO
2 months natural TWA 
    3. Paying the duckets Perms are not cheap,weaves etc. I save so much money compared to before

Permed hair...

   4.Not wanting anybody to touch my hair(Now that I'm natural my husband can't keep his hands out of my hair!! He loves it) When I was a perm head he could NOT!!! touch it at all

*I've been natural for 2 yrs and it's the best thing I ever did I won't let my daughters perm their hair either Curly hair don't care : )

What are you thoughts?? Why are you happy to be done with the creamy crack??

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