Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Go (Review)

This is my review on a Jewelry This company offers a variety of product vintage pieces,wigs,hair bands,earrings etc. I placed my order for my review and got my items in a week and 3 days Fast shipping... All of the items were bubble wrapped indiv. All of my items were in tact upon arrival I like the items that I got.

Budget friendly (affordable)
A very BIG variety to choose from wigs,earrings,headbands etc
Fast shipping
Products were wrapped indiv. wrapped

Headband had a smell to it
Poor customer service
(2 out of 5 stars)

*Vintage Bohemian Bracelet
*Pink flower stud earrings
**Multi color feather earrings
**Vintage Leopard cocktail ring
**Charming Black bead choker
** Fashion Pearl bib necklace
** Elegant bead string cloth headband

FTC: Rings and necklace given to me for review/giveaway purposes by GoFavor(dot)com. I am not being paid, nor influenced in anyway by GoFavor, or any other companies.


  1. just made an order...hopefully no smell cause my friend has a weak belly right now.

  2. I tried them and got alot of things missing.. I always shop at there items are always inspected and good customer service .. im not going to shop in gofavor again... but happy you got the good batch =)