Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Laydee Cosmetics (review)

Here is another makeup company that I want to put in ya ear and give a little buzz LAYDEE Cosmetics!!
 I have had these products for some time and I have to say I really reviewed theses shadows!! These pigments came in 5gram jars
Here are the swatches of the colors that I was sent
*Cleopatra- Bright canary yellow
*Christy-Silky cooper shiny penny color
*Mitzi-true blue sea foam color
*Rachel-A pretty ocean wave blue with gold reflects
*Charlotte-Deep dark midnight blue
*Mariah-Bright golden glitter sheen
*Sandy- Another silky golden color
I can say the lighter colors were great to work with and they had a great color pay off all of the colors that I got were ok there were some great ones and some not so great ones.
Charlotte was not a good color to apply the pay off was not good it left color blotches and when I went in to reapply more color or blend it just made a huge darkish blue colored mess.The lighter colors (Shimmers)Mariah,Christy and Sandy were great amazing for highlights,tear duct colors and all around good shadows.I've used the shimmers on my nails,highlights etc GREAT!

For any info on how to order or any questions:
Laydee cosmetics FB:https://www.facebook.com/laydee.cosmetics
Laydee YT:http://www.youtube.com/user/LaydeeCosmetics

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