Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jordana Cosmetics (review)

 Nowadays alot of MUA's and makeup fanatics alike are downsizing Jordana cosmetics are great in that department they have quality products for very affordable prices.I own a couple of there products and YES they are staples of mine.Yes you can get very high end makeup looks for less not only do they offer makeup but they also offer brightly pigmented nail polishes and nail are design pens as well.
*Pressed Powder-Amber  (08) this will be a great contour powder or all over powder $3.99
*Eye Primer-Very good cheap eye primer $1.99
works just as good as e.l.f primer
**Glitter rocks retractable eyeliner pencil-Smooth eyeliner pencil with silver
reflect glitter $1.99 (06) Glam rock green
*Incolor LIPSHINE naturalbrush on glaze pink grapefruit (01) $1.99
Click pen design with great shine and a natural beautiful gloss vitamin E and Aloe for extra added moisture
*PROS-                                                                  ** CONS- The face powder had me looking orange
VERY VERY affordable
A variety to choose from
Easy to find

Jordana cosmetics can be found at many drugstores with a variety of products well under $10 you can also buy these products @http://www.cherryculture.com   Just in case you can't find them near you

Jordana's Website-http://www.jordanacosmetics.com

****Disclaimer- I was very fortunate to receive these products for FREE to review from Jordana Cosmetics. However, this does not affect my opinions on the products. I am not getting paid to make this video, nor am I affiliated with the company.