Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yarn Braids

My natural hair needed a break and I wanted to try something new so after doing research on some of my fav blogs and of course YT. I decided to give Yarn Braids (Genie locs)  a try . I deep conditioned with my Argan oil moisture condish and also did my Alphogee protein treatment on my hair to prep my hair I also refreshed my hair color with Manic Panics Pill a box (Red) and Rock n Rolla (RED). *****DO NOT USE WOOL YARN it will loc your hair**

My Hair before the yarn braids

 I got the brown for me and the black for one of my daughters she said she wanted her hair done too I will be making bigger parts for her hair.. The red I got was TOO bright so I ended up using the darker red color. I used the method Black Onyx used on YT with the chair to measure the yarn. These braids took forever to do two whole days of braiding LAWD!!!!!!!!I made my own homemade spray to keep my hair moist,I used so water,my oil mix, peppermint oil hello hydration condish I spray my hair down 3 times a day and I oil my scalp when needed.. My hubby loves them they give me a chance to feel like I'm rocking locs with out the hassle.I plan to keep it for a full month two if I can hold out I know I will miss my hair!! but if I take it down it will be to condition a put it right back up in the yarn braids.Excited about the growth that I will see soon!! When it does come doen to the takedown process I plan to load my hair with suave condish and take them down hopefully preventing breakage : )
Red Heart yarn (I used one brown one and barely half of the red)
Shea butter or oil to seal
Shea moisture deep treatment masque
Care free curl moisturizer

My spritz:
Oil mix
Peppermint oil
Hello hydration
Care free curl moisturizer,  WATER!!!!!!


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